Correctly aligned wheels offer these benefits and cost savings:


    Fuel savings
    Four wheel alignment sets the wheels straight/parallel, which along with the correct tyre pressures (see Nitrogen inflation), minimises the rolling resistance. Fuel consumption reduces as the drag on the tyres (rolling resistance) decreases.

    Optimised tyre mileage
    Incorrect alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear.

    Saves money and environment
    By preventing premature tyre wear and improving fuel economy, it not only reduces the cost of motoring, but it also helps CO2 emssions and the environment around us.

    Improved handling
    Many handling problems can be corrected by four wheel alignment, giving the driver a better and more enjoyable driving experience.

    Reduced mechanical wear
    When wheels or axles are not aligned, mechanical parts are subject to increased stress and premature wear. Suspension components and bearings are two areas that can be affected leading to increased vehicle costs and downtime.

    Safer driving
    Misalignment will make the car less stable when taking emergency or evasive action. A suspension system inspection is part of an alignment procedure, therefore potentially allows worn parts to be spotted before they cause a more costly problem.


    How do I know if my car wheels are out of alignment?

    • Uneven tyre wear on front or back tyres
      This may be visible excessive wear on the shoulder of the tyre, but it may also be wear to the tread that is not visible which if left could lead to exposed cords (fine wire protruding from the tyre). This puts your tyres at a higher risk of blow out.
    • Car pulls to left or right
      This happens when driving along a straight flat road and you either need to compensate through the steering to keep the car driving straight or the car drifts to the left or right under braking.
    • Steering wheel is not straight
      The steering wheel is off centre even when driving straight.

    Equipment we use

    • We use professional market leading products such as John Bean/Hoffman V3D wheel aligners 
    • Equipment is backed up by full manufacturer information on how wheels should be aligned.
    • Laser beam enables easy to read measurements.
    • Can be used on any size wheel.

    Why does my car need an alignment?

    • Everyday driving can affect the geometry of a vehicles especially kerbing, hitting potholes, accidents etc.
    • Worn suspension parts




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